Who’s Coming So Far?

As of 2/20/2024:

Early Bird tickets are now sold out. Regular tickets are still available at $195 per person at the Lowell Alumni Association ticket page.

John CrittendenSusie MacLean
Zeny Unisa-Rozenberg+2
Anita PaytonDemetrius Wilson
Dawn Walker (Stephens)Jerrold Hatchett
Markos KounalakisLt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis
Lou RoselliGuest
Debbie Lowe
Jesse CottonhamPally Cottonham
Faith Bettencourt (Stallings)
Mary BarsonyMichael Kozart
James ConnollyDiane Steeves
Nick Roxborough
Dennis Andaya
JJ Levenstein (Johnson)
Susan Adams
Doug Ryan
Katie Haas (Edelstein)
Pamela Penas RobinsonAnnette Bayard
David FellowsCheryl Fellows
Kelly ClineSharon Cline
Denis ShanagherJulie Shanagher
Scott WoodKelly Wood
Peter BerlinerDenee Berliner
Mirta Arsenian CaliRandy Cali
Janet Chang-Pryor
Judy Auerbach
Larry Lowenthal+1
Lisa Clay+1
Gary Teragawa+1
Christopher Coughlin
Mark Davis
Frank Choy
Cathy Vink (Seay)
Regina Chu
Vicki Johnston Pitchford+1
Warren Chee
Yvonne O’Hare (Israel)
Joni Atkinson
Liz Lauter (Raab)
Pat Reyes-Hernandez
Gale Leung+1
David Allison+1
Roger Solomon+1
Heidi Gerber
Maggie Glickfeld Seder
Lynn Virgilio
Al Conde
Liz Hill Forsyth
Mitch Guimarin
Donald Baldocchi
Robin Levy
Arlene (Lene) (Ross) Cullum
Carol Brachna
Diane Levy
Diane Wren+1
Debra Barfield+3

Get your tickets today before prices go up/tickets sell out!






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