It’s Graduation Weekend (+50)

Due to an interesting trick of calendars, May and June of 2024 fall on the same days of the week as May and June of 1974 — making this a doppelganger of the dates and days of graduation week 1974. Here’s a little recap of the key dates from our Graduation Countdown (from our yearbook):

  • Friday, May 24th – Senior Picnic at Uvas Meadows
  • Saturday, May 25th – Senior Show in the Lowell Auditorium
  • Tuesday, May 28th – Senior Sneak (making Memorial Day into a 5-day weekend)
  • Saturday, June 8th – Senior Prom at the Hyatt Regency
  • Monday, June 10th – Senior Dinner at the Far East Cafe, including the screening of the Senior Movie and the announcing of the Senior Poll
  • Tuesday, June 11th – Graduation Day at the Cow Palace
  • Tuesday night – Wednesday morning, June 11th-12th – Grad Night at Disneyland

Here are a few pictures from these Halcyon Days. Please send/upload more if you have them!






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