Hello world!

Welcome to the new Lowell High School Class of 1974 website. I’m in the process of bringing over the old content, which will still be accessible, and then we’ll start a new chapter preparing us for our <gulp> 50 Year Reunion in 2024. Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet in person again by then!

I want to thank Scott Wood, who webmastered this site for the last 11 or 12 years. Along with retiring from Delta Airlines this year, he’s pretty much retired from the webmaster game as well. I’m sure that he’ll pop in and post now and then in the run up to 50, and I encourage anyone else who wants to post to do so as well, when I get the tools up and running.

I’ll be ready to start a new mailing list for the site (and class) soon, so if you have updates, for now, send them to skifellows <at> gmail.com.

Cheers, and stay healthy!







12 responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Andrew Wandinger Avatar
    Andrew Wandinger


    My name is Andrew Wandinger and I have found a 1974 class ring in my backyard with the initials “ADY” inscribed on the inside. Would you be able to help me return the ring to its owner?

    1. David Fellows Avatar

      I will forward this to the Alumni Association, who should be able to help! Thanks!

      1. Scott Wood Avatar
        Scott Wood

        It could be Andrea Yakas, Albert Yee, Amy Yee, or Alice Yim.

    2. Richard Adams Avatar
      Richard Adams

      Hi did this project ever happen, this is Richard and I graduated in 1974 and I am curious what’s going on. My email is Steelwindhorse@gmail.com

      1. David Fellows Avatar

        Hi, Richard! If by “this project” you are referring to the rebuild of the Class of ’74 website, it is still in process… Thanks for asking!

      2. David Fellows Avatar

        Hi, Richard! It’s happening! I have added you to the Class Contacts page with your email. Check back for updates as the reunion gets closer!

  2. Delia Collins Avatar
    Delia Collins

    There is a Facebook group

    Lowell high school class of 1974

  3. Nancy Sayer Avatar
    Nancy Sayer

    Hello, I am a graduate of ’65 (Nancy Vivado) and my sister Patricia Vivado, a ’74 grad.
    I don’t believe there is a printed Alum Newsletter anymore so I am sending this to tell any of her classmate friends that Tricia died on December 27th 2021 in San Francisco. For anyone wishing to know more, he/she can contact me: nancy.sayer@loplop.net

  4. Janet Chamberland Perry Avatar
    Janet Chamberland Perry

    Hi David. I am trying to see if I am in the 1974 yearbook? Janet D. Chamberland. Can you please help me because I would love to go to the reunion. Thanks

    1. David Fellows Avatar

      Hi, Janet — I did not see you in the Fall ’73 or Spring ’74 lists. What registry were you in? Unfortunately, back in the pre-computer days, there isn’t a total index of names in the yearbook.


    2. Scott Wood Avatar
      Scott Wood

      This is the Lowell High School in San Francisco, not Lowell, Mass. Are you sure that this is the Lowell you are looking for? I found no record in any of the stuff I have with your name.

  5. Kevin Avatar

    Boy officer, 1974.

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