Class Notes

(These are listed from most recent to oldest.)

Beth (Bruce) Stochl updated her email address and is still thinking about the reunion… friends should reach out to convince her!

David Yee let us know that Dr. Bruce Barker passed away in January, 2024. Here is a link to his obituary.

Chris Coughlin sadly reported that Roark Smith passed away in 2021. We moved him over to the In Memoriam page. He also updated his contact information, and connected Yvonne (Israel) O’Hare. Welcome back, Yvonne!

Vicki Johnston Pitchford updated her contact information. Thanks, Vicki!

Tony Damian updated his email for the contact list. Thanks, Tony!

Kelly Cline updated his email for the contact list. Thanks, Kelly!

Gale Leung updated her contact information — apparently we were sending updates to her sister Gayla! Thanks, Gale!

Barry Chin updated his email on our Class Contacts page. If you need to update yours, click on the “quick note” link above and tell us!

Nancy Vivado ’65 contacted us to tell us her sister Patricia Vivado, a ’74 grad, died on December 27th 2021 in San Francisco. For anyone wishing to know more, he/she can contact her:

I have recently been informed by Jeffrey Y. Lee that we have also lost another classmate, Alex Chan. We sadly pass along our condolences.

In the wonderful afterglow of the (40th) reunion, it saddens me to have more names to add to the deceased list on the Class Roster. I was informed that we lost Marquette Lustig and Sean O’Reilly. Please keep us informed of any classmate deaths. We are a big class, but a close one. Our condolences to both families and those that knew them well.

Welcome Karen (Joe) leong and Maria (Czerwinski) Hayes to the site!

Welcome Joe Tringale to the Class Roster!

We were informed that Charles Peckerman died unexpectedly on August 28th in Medford, Oregon. Our condolences to his family. Rest in peace Charles.

A big welcome to Linda (Belale) dela Calzada! Happy to add you to the roster!

Glad to add Joan Chin to the Class Roster!  If you are not on there, or you know of friends who are not listed, please contact me with your information so I can get you added!

We welcome Sophie (Fong) Lee to the group!  

Welcome David Sheehan to the group! Great to hear from you all the way from Cebu, Philippines!

David Sheehan also shared with us the sad news of the passing of another of our classmates, Tommy Ngai. He has been added to the side of the roster page to which I do not like adding names. May he rest in peace.

We welcome Julie (Block) Grunsky to the site!

Welcome to the site Roark Smith!  Great to see your name again after all these years! 

WOW!  Happy to re-connect with Faith (Stallings) Bettencourt!

Happy to welcome Debbie Suslow to the roster!  We are getting more and more folks on here constantly! Let your friends know about the site!

Welcome Robert Hurtado to the roster of classmates!  The list keeps growing! Please add your fellow classmates that do not appear on the list!

And the sad news continues…With a very heavy heart I moved Scot Heath from the roster to the right hand column.  Scot suffered a stroke and never recovered.  Condolences from our  family to his.

Very sad to add another name to the right hand column of our Class Roster page.  Condolences to the friends and family of Arthur “Tuna” Hernandez at his passing.

Another new name has been added to the roster!! Welcome June Wong (Woo)!! Glad to have people keep coming to the site and adding to the roster!!

Welcome Lori Lerner to our page!!  Glad to have more folks to add!! Keep the names coming!

Another name from the past comes to the site!  Welcome Mark Silla! Glad to add you to the list!

A big welcome to Eric Tang! Thanks for contacting me and we are glad to have you on the list! Make sure all of your friends are on here too!!

Welcome Lyndi Beale to the roster and to the list!!! We look forward to seeing you at the big 40th!! Lyndi was originally with our class, but accelerated and graduated with the class of ’73. She has her picture with BOTH classes in the 1973 yearbook!!

Welcome also to Bob Yee!! Great to have you on the list!  If you know either of these folks, drop them a line to catch up!!






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